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The website has recently changed server and there are a few residual issues.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience.  Our intrepid webmaster is onto the problems, but unfortunately has had his broadband connection commandeered for the G20. (my speculation on why it mysteriously was rerouted without warning :P)
The known major issues are...
* warpquad.com doesn't work, only www.warpquad.com
* The captcha doesn't work, so no new customers can't register until its fixed
* The website contact form doesn't work
***Until this is fixed please email me your order and country, from you PayPal email address, so I can send a manual PayPal invoice.  
*** My store email is soma (@hem) warpquad.com (replace the odd bit with @ ;)
*** Actually, I've just lost the store email as well!  RC Groups is the only point of contact now, so please PM Soma there.  
I'm terribly sorry for all the inconvienience and I will have this fixed ASAP! 

(Also the pictures for both listings of the bullnose 5x4.5 props and the 200mm seconds arms do not work.)
Please address all correspondence to the thread below, the email above, or you can also PM me on RCGroups.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it will be fixed ASAP!


For an overview of the frames, and up to date information please visit the RCGroups thread

This is the main information portal.

Full build videos / info / component & tool buying links in the first 5 posts.